Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bel Sito (Due): A New Chapter

We can barely log into Facebook without learning of the demise or serious illness of friends our age.

If life is like a banquet, we could be in the 'dessert and decaf coffee at the end of the meal' stage.

So, what do we do? Act responsibly? Sit on the balcony in the sunshine and go on short walks around the neighborhood?

Nope. We bought a bigger boat. A much bigger boat. A huge boat (for us).  A 2009, 53' Selene, currently known as Passage. Her former owners kept her in pristine condition and we hope our stewardship is even close to their meticulous standards. Our other trawler was a 38' Pacific Seacraft and adding feet to a boat is a bit like dog years. Each foot seems to expand the storage and capacity exponentially.

Now, if we could just figure out how to start the engines. I'm not kidding.

Introducing: Bel Sito, Due (pronounced dew-A, meaning 'two' in Italian). We're going to drop the 'due' as soon as our original Bel Sito takes on a new name.

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