Friday, August 24, 2012

Block Island

Block Island, Rhode Island

This is where we are right this minute. We are  anchored in Salt Pond, the large bay area at the 'bone of the lamb chop,' as the land suggests.  In one of the last weekends of the season, boaters have come from all over to explore this amazing place.  We discovered a lovely old hotel, the Surf Inn, where we had mussels and clam strips overlooking east entrance to the island. This is such an amazing discovery we're staying an extra night (or more!).

First thing in the morning, a yell comes through the Block Island  anchorage: "Andiamo!" This means a boat with fresh baked goods, fruit and coffee is wending it's way through the mooring field. Very pricey,  but so is everything on an island
The Andiamo boat
Classic old hotel on the walk to town

Boat Names

Boat names are fun to observe.  Sailboats often have lyrical, soft, names like 'Windsong' 'Halcyon' 'Adagio' 'Anthem' 'Hymn' while power boats, especially the phallic designed monsters are named 'Bow Thruster,' 'Throbbin' Robbin,' 'Purely Pleasure', and my all-time least favorite, 'Wet Dream' ... then there are those for the white liars who can honestly say "I'm at 'The Office' or on a 'In a Meeting' when that's just what their boat is named. 
Here you see 'License to Chill.' 

Boat Name: License To  Chill
Boat Name: Private Reserve
Boat Name: Nauti Girl
Many more sunsets, please

View of the Atlantic from the porch of the Surf Inn 

This is the ocean side of Block Island (we are moored in the 'New Harbor' on the other side)
T-shirt culture on Block Island


Cindy said...

I'm so jealous - Block Island is one of my all-time favorites to visit by boat! It's easy to walk around the island and there are lots of great places to eat. You're having the best adventures!

Julie Gammack said...

Cindy, thanks for your comment! We are having a total blast. I added more pix from today. We hadn't planned on staying quite this long, but there's still more to see. Think we'll wait out a bit of expected weather coming our way right here in Block Island. DId you rent mopeds?

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