Tuesday, May 30, 2017

'Clever' Boat Names

'Nice Transom'
Most of us spend A LOT of time thinking up boat names.

The photo here is of the name 'Nice Transom'. It took me awhile to get it until I realized the transom of a boat is the rear end.

No doubt a conversation starter.

We had an electric Duffy and over a stretch of several days came up with: Watt, Me Whirry!

Get it?

Bel Sito translates to 'beautiful situation' and is the name of hotel where we stayed in Italy. As soon as we come up with a name we go to the Coast Guard registry of boat names to see how many other vessels have the name because we like having the only boat named whatever it is we've come up with. Watt, Me Whirry was safely ours and ours alone. So is Bel Sito.

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