Friday, August 17, 2012

Pix NY Harbor

Click for video


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Thomas Tormey said...

Please call your Son.

Anonymous said...


I am loving your blog and your excellent writing is making us feel like we are right there with you!

(I tried posting a comment before and lost it, apologies if this is a double entry!)

The NY Harbor stuff is truly breathtaking, what an experience! Richard and i have spent a lot of time together on the water and I know he is missing my air guitar up on deck following 16 beers, but you all seem to be doing fine without it!

I also learned Leo and his wife are living at The Villages down the road from us. At this very moment, he is no doubt attending the Paul Ryan and Mom rally. I would imagine navigating a golf cart there today would be much like shooting "Hells Gate" at rush hour!

Smooth sailing, I'm right there with you!

Siesta Key, FL

Julie Gammack said...

Thanks, Michael. I think the post function is working now. Appreciate your 'crewing' with us!

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