Sunday, August 12, 2012

Anchored Off Turkey Point

We are just west of the shipping channel near Turkey Point in the north end of the Chesapeake.

We were underway about five hours, covering 40 nautical miles. Skipper G calls this our shake-down day. Everything seems to be working so far.

Richard spotted a Venture Newport 23 at anchor nearby, reminding him of his first sailboat 'Rainbow'. He figured he's sailed 20,000 miles since then, including a personal milestone that began 20 years ago when he and a group of 5 guys took off from Huelba, Spain celebrating the quincentennial of Columbus' discovery of America.

Being at the helm of a powerboat like Bel Sito is a whole new way of viewing the waterways. Plus, there is a bit of satisfaction chugging up the Bay while our sailor buddies are becalmed.

Tomorrow we'll go through the Chesapeake/Delaware canal - a 20 mile stretch that takes us to the Delaware Bay...that's the plan, anyway.

It appears as though the 'comments' feature of the blog isn't working, darn it! I know some of you have tried to post a comment and it didn't work.

We've had 436 unique page views already! Richard and I figured some of you might roll your eyes about blogging - you know who you are - and yet others will say it's fun to follow as our digital crew. This is for you!

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Cindy said...

Your photos are great and it's fun to read about the trip. Enjoy!


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