Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Day in Cape May

Richard on the phone with Andy, puzzling through one of the many boat concerns that crop up on any given day. This is part of the cruising life no matter how new or old a boat one has.

Andy Hoyt, owner of Dock Call, is moments away by phone and some how ALWAYS knows the answer we are looking for. Yea Andy!

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We are getting into the cruising life...no car, of course, so all explorations are within walking distance. It's a more complete way to see a town and feel the culture. I was hoping to dispel the stereotype New Jersey has, but I'm sorry to say our 24 hours in town simply added to it. Last night we were in a crosswalk off a side street when a pickup came to the intersection and without stopping turned right in front of us. Inches away from hitting us. New Jersey plates. Today, a car stopped in the street in the middle of the bike lane, when there were multiple bonafide parking spaces at the place he was stopping. New Jersey plates.
I need to be careful here because some of our best buddies have New Jersey ties past and present. Eric Rubin, our neighbor, case in point. Richard quotes Eric as saying, "I'm really a nice guy. Just pretend I have a South Carolina accent."
Walking on Beachfront Drive, however, introduced us to some Jersey girls in training. Here we nice Iowans are walking down our half of the sidewalk and approaching head-on was Jersey girl 1. She was walking on our side of the sidewalk knowing full well she was in 'our space'. Even though she made direct eye contact she didn't back down. Knowing what the game was, neither did I.
I was hoping this was a one-time little b**** thing, but alas this aggressive rudeness was repeated three times.
You can tell a lot about a town based on their souvenir T-shirts. In our beloved Iowa they might be something related to cows, sheep, corn...and what people do with all of the above. Here are a couple choice ones from the Cape May boardwalk:

We are however getting into the cruising life and have made our first cruise buddies.
Peter and Cheryl Webb are from Canada and on the last leg of what is called The Great Loop -
The great loop
Peter and Cheryl are known to other cruisers as "Loopers"
This is a whole new world...who would have ever thought one could bond over a conversation about holding tank size?
Peter gave Richard his favorite line of the trip so far:
"Always approach the dock at the speed you intend to hit it."

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