Saturday, August 18, 2012


Since we're starting to get emails from folks about why they can't find us on AIS or if we made it through Hellgate, I best confess we are stalling a day.


Had a great meet-up last night (love Facebook connections) with a fascinating couple we met due to our mutual affection for old wooden boats. They own a fascinating video production company whose work we have all seen at least parts of in every day television viewing. We really hit it off when we met four years ago and last night confirmed why we like them so.

See below for a photo of Jon Vesey and his wife, Ada Whitney.

Ellis Island, World Trade Center, construction of Freedom Tower are huge reminders of how lucky we are to live here and what a nation of immigrants we have been and are today. And it wasn't that long ago people banned together to keep the Irish Catholics out. Same song different verse today.

Isn't Bel Sito pretty with her courtesy lights on and the Manhattan skyline as a back drop?

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